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All knowledge comes from experience

The demands of civil engineering continue to increase. Safety requirements, economics, environmental protection and tight deadlines for construction are just some of the challenges facing construction companies today.

Polensky & Zoellner can call upon many years' experience in civil engineering work, the best prove for meeting today's challenges. Technical know-how, operations scheduling, estimating, project management, modern equipment and quality assurance - at every phase of work you can expect professional performance and economical results.

Qualified Teams and Specialized Equipment

In subsurface construction, the various work flows must mesh and function like gears. Polensky employs highly qualified teams for the most demanding of jobs, and possesses the latest specialized equipment needed to carry out the most complex projects.

Polensky & Zoellner is experienced in

  • Bridges
  • Underpasses
  • Power Plants
  • Gas and Oil Industry
  • Dry Docks

Civil Engineering / Construction with Polensky & Zoellner

  • is characterized by quality, safety and environmental protection
  • utilizes synergies for the best possible financial result
  • employs highly qualified teams of specialists to work for you
  • guarantees the quality and function of all work
  • combines economy and ecology in a harmonious unit
  • ensures cost and schedule stability
  • uses the best material and latest technologies
  • works closely with you and is of your service any time



Polensky & Zoellner Abu Dhabi W.L.L.
Salam Street and Zyed 1st Street (7th Street “Electra”)
P.O. Box 46223
Abu Dhabi
Fon +971 25 58 29 09
Fax +971 25 58 25 04

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