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A well considered lifecycle Management in terms of an integral examination from the Design stage up to the demolition of a building is reducing costs on the long term and flexibility to the requirements of different users is our main objective. It is a well known fact that the running cost for a building is catching up the cost of the original cost within six to ten years.

Key element for buildings with long perspectives for the investor is intelligent design which allows as much as possible flexibility, sustainability to reduce energy consumption and environmental friendly materials. On the basis of the above our committment for a design and built project is to start from the very beginning together with a design team which covers all the above subjects. The developer will be involved in the design procress from the very beginning to achieve the best result.

It is also sufficiently known that the chances for major savings on the construction are at the very beginning of the design stage. The impact for cost saving decisions will rapidly loose its momentum after the approval of the preliminary design stage.


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