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A safe future has to be created everyday again

By creativity, commitment, enthusiasm and distinctive service understanding
we contribute to the profitablity of the company.

By responsible actions we make a lasting contribution for the society and the

We are determined to consequently pursue these objectives everyday and thereby
assure the future of the company and its employees.


Every employee conduces to the success of the company

Qualified employees are the key to our success. By trust, mutual appreciation and
attractive work conditions we create the requirements for satisfied employees. The filling of our executive posts is preferably done with our own staff.

We promote the strength of our employees through regular trainings and continuing education.



Self-reliant acting is the key to the success of the company

The assumption of responsibility and entrepreneurial acting are part of the success and contribute to the appreciation of every employee.

We require and promote entrepreneurial and responsible acting in every single one of us.

“Leading by targets” is one of our main leadership principles.




Together we can make it

We constantly act in the superior interest of the company. We support each other in our operations. Everybody passes on his knowledge and experience.

We are a reliable partner for subcontractors and suppliers that comply with our


Satisfied Clients assure our future

We have a fair and partnership-like relation to our clients. Competence and quality are our capital for the development of long-term client relations.

Every employee contributes with his performance to meet the expectations of the Client.

A client is everybody who requires our services, including within the group.

Especially for the customer orientation applies:

We can only remain good if we are constantly getting better.